C61F-GP Floatless Level Relay

  1. C61F-GP is a water level relay used to control water tank water level, water tower water level etc.,
  2. Made by China supplier Lorentzzi, quality is outstanding,
  3. Water supply and water drainage available,
  4. Various working voltage available, 110VAC, 220VAC, 380VAC.

C61F-GP Floatless Level Relay Introduction:

  • The C61F-GP is a water level relay, we can use it in many applications, such as water tank level control, water tower level control, swimming pool water level control, and so on.
  • Water supply and water drainage available.
  • Lorentzzi C61F-GP floatless level relay uses the most advanced technology and high precision components to produce. Ensures it can be used for at least 2 years without problems.
  • Its working voltage can be 110VAC, 220VAC or 380VAC, anyone from any country can use it freely.
  • The deepest water level control depth can reach 500 meters.
  • There are two contacts, one is NO for water supply usage, the other is NC for water drainage usage.
  • Please notice that, if you want to use this water level relay to control the water level, the below level probe sensor is necessary.

level probe sensor

  • As the C61F-GP outputs relay contacts output capacity is maximum 5A, therefore, if you want to operate a water pump rated power above 150W@220VAC, an AC contactor or SSR(Solid State Relay) should be taken into consideration. The below is the wirings for different applications:

C61F-GP floatless level relay water supply wiring diagram C61F-GP floatless level relay water drainage wiring diagram-1


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