H3CR-A8 Multi-function Time Delay Relay

  1. Provides delayed on, cycle on/off, interval, single mode,
  2. Easy DIN rail mounting with base socket,
  3. Voltage available 100-240VAC, 12, 24, 48VDC, etc.,
  4. 0-130 hours wide timing range,
  5. 2 years long warranty.

H3CR-A8 Multi-function Time Delay Relay Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi H3CR-A8 is a multifunctional time delay relay, there are 4 modes available, namely A, B2, E and J.
  • The time range of H3CR-A8 is 0 seconds-130 hours adjustable.
  • Mode A is the power-on delay function, that is, after power is turned on, the load will not be connected immediately but will start according to the set time delay. 
  • Mode B is flickers-on start. After power-on, the relay output will open and close according to the set periodicity.
  • Mode E is Interval, which means after turning on this relay, it will turn on the load for a preset time and then turn off.
  • The J is one-shot mode, and a 1-second voltage pulse will appear after the preset time.
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Timing Charts:

H3CR-A8 timing charts

H3CR-A8 Product Panel Description:

H3CR-A8 time delay relay description



H3CR-A8 Time Delay Relay User Manual

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