PNP Inductive Proximity Sensor, LMF15 Series Sensors

  1. Various kinds of PNP sensors available,
  2. Maximum Sn: 2mm or 4mm,
  3. Full sealed, IP67 grade, waterproof and oil-proof,
  4. Standard cable length 2 meters.

PNP Inductive Proximity Sensor LMF15 Series Sensors Introduction:

  • To know this LMF15 PNP inductive proximity sensor, firstly we need to know what it is. A PNP sensor is a 3 wires sensor, its output is high voltage when a metallic object is within detection range. So, to form a complete circuit, the output wire(black color) with a load should connect to ground(0V).
  • Lorentzzi LMF15 series sensors’ appearance is the same as Balluff BES02MW sensor.
  • Compared with Balluff sensor, our sensor outputs can be PNP, NPN or two wires AC output. The models are LMF15-3002P_, LMF15-3002N_.
  • How to wire this PNP inductive proximity sensor better, you can wire it according to the below diagram:
  • pnp sensor wiring diagram

  • As we all know that an inductive sensor can only detect metal products, but if you want to detect materials without limitation, a photoelectric sensor is the best choice.
  • One thing to be noted is that as the output current is very small, generally only few milliampere, so it can’t run a heavy load directly, we can rely on an intermediate relay, AC contactor, or SSR to realize.
  • For more product information, please have a look at the below specifications table:



LMF10-LMF16 inductive proximity sensor datasheet

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