TL-W5MC1 Inductive Proximity Sensor

  1. Wide working voltage DC6-36V,
  2. Output NPN, PNP, NO, NC available,
  3. Maximum detecting distance 4mm,
  4. IP67 protection grade.

TL-W5MC1 Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi TL-W5MC1 inductive proximity switch is used to measure ferrous metal in a CNC machine, on a conveyor belt or in a pneumatic system, its appearance is same as Omron type TL-W5MC1 prox switch, but the price is much cheaper. 
  • Omron TL-W5MC1 retail price is about USD80.0, while this sensor manufactured by Lorentzzi is only USD 4.8.
  • This sensor maximum sensing distance is 5.0mm, which means if a metallic target is within this range, the sensor will activate, then tell the control system how to proceed this change.
  • Its output can be 3-wire NPN, PNP, NO, NC or 2 wire DC NO or NC output. And different output models will be different, for more information, you can contact with us team for more instruction.
  • There are two colors available, one is orange, the other is black, more choice for you to choose.
  • Full product dimension is 18 mm x 10 mm x 30.5 mm, very compact and easy to use.
  • Wholesale and retail are both acceptable for us.

How To Use TL-W5MC1 Proximity Sensor?

  • As TL-W5MC1 output is NPN, NO, please wire it according the the below wiring diagram in part 1:

Proximity sensor wiring diagram



TL-W5MC1 Inductive Proximity Sensor Datasheet

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