SN04-N Inductive Proximity Sensor

  1.  NPN+NO output,
  2. ABS flame-resistant material, safer to use,
  3. Big LED working status indicator,
  4. 2 meters standard copper wire,
  5. IP67 protection ratings, 
  6. Short circuit, reverse polarity protection.

SN04-N Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

What is the SN04-N proximity sensor? 

  • Want to turn on a load when an object approaches? The SN04-N sensor may be your best choice. The SN04-N is a 5.0mm detection range NPN NO output inductive proximity sensor designed to detect metal objects without touching them.

How to wire this proximity switch?

  • This sensor has 3 wires, one wire is brown in color and needs to be connected to the positive pole of the DC power supply, and the other is blue wire and needs to be connected to the negative pole. The black line is the output. Since SN04-N is an NPN sensor, the load needs to be connected between this line and the positive electrode.

NPN sensor wiring diagram

SN04-N inductive proximity sensor applications:

  • Metal parts detection on production lines.
  • Collision detection in robotics.
  • Safety and security in interlock systems.
  • Packaging industry.
  • Position sensing of a machine element, such as a valve, gate, or elevator.



SN04-N Inductive Proximity Sensor Datasheet

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