M18 18mm Diameter Inductive Proximity Sensor

  1. Compact volume,
  2. High precision,
  3. Short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection,
  4. High on-off frequency, wide voltage range.

M18 18mm Diameter Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi M18 proximity sensor means the body diameter is 18mm. There are 22 different models according to detection distance and output differences, they are LM18-3005NA, LM18-3008NA, and so on. If you want to know more models, please have a look at the data table below for this kind of sensor.
  • The M18 inductive proximity sensor is a nickel-plated brass housing sensor, it is designed to detect metallic materials without touching them directly, so it can replace a limit switch in some applications.
  • This M18 proximity sensor detection distance can be 5mm or 8mm, shielded one is 5mm, unshielded one is 8mm(Want to learn more about Shielded and Unshieled Sensors? Please look at this blog).
  • Outputs can be PNP+NO, PNP+NC, PNP+NO and NC, or NPN+NO, NPN+NC, NPN+NO and NC.
  • It has a red led indicator to indicate its working status, once the object is within its detection range, the indicator will light on.
  • This sensor has other models as well from different sensor manufacturers, such as LJ18A3-8-Z/BX, LJ18A3-8-Z/BY etc..
  • Widely used in many applications, such as counting devices, protection equipment, position control and so on.
  • Besides this inductive sensor, we can produce another M18 capacitive sensor.



LM18-LM20 proximity sensor datasheet

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