Miniature Photoelectric Sensor

  1. Compact size, space-saving,
  2. NPN, PNP output available,
  3. normally open, normally closed output available,
  4. Maximum detection distance 2 meters,
  5. Wide operating voltage 12-24VDC±10%.

Miniature Photoelectric Sensor Introduction:

  • The BA2M micro photoelectric sensor is a very small diffuse reflection photoelectric sensor (no mirror required, works based on diffuse reflection of light).
  • The overall size is only 48.5*18*5*15.5 mm, which allows it to be installed in a narrow space and saves a lot of space.

Miniature photoelectric sensor product dimension

  • The Lorentzzi BA2M miniature photoelectric sensor uses 850nm infrared light to detect transparent, translucent or opaque objects.
  • Although it is small, its maximum detection distance is 2 meters, and once an object enters this range, it will activate from NO to NC or NC to NO.
  • The working voltage ranges from 12VDC to 24VDC. Fluctuations in DC voltage will not affect the work of the sensor, so the battery can be used as a power source to power it.
  • We have other miniature photoelectric sensors, please contact us for more information.


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