Fork Sensor, 17 mm Detection Distance

  1. NPN and PNP outputs available
  2. U-type, compact housing,
  3. Wide working voltage DC6-36V,
  4. Widely used in the packaging and fabric industry,
  5. 2 years long warranty time

G56 Fork Sensor Introduction:

  • The fork sensor is a U-shaped through-beam photoelectric switch that combines an infrared transmitter and receiver. The transmitter and receiver will form a line of light, and when an object blocks the light, this sensor will generate an output.
  • The fork sensor here is our G56 through-beam photoelectric sensor, with a detection distance of 17mm.
  • The housing of this series small fork sensors is very compact, its overall dimension is  only 55*25*16 mm. Very compact and suitable for use in tight spaces.

Fork sensor product dimension

  • In addition to this small sensor, we also have fork sensors with 25.0 mm and 30.0 mm detection distances.
  • In terms of output, the sensor can be NPN+NO, NPN+NC, NPN+NO and NC, PNP+NO, PNP+NC, PNP+NO and NC.
  • This U-shaped sensor can be widely used in packaging correction, label detection, etc. in the packaging industry, and rope detection in the textile industry.



G56 Fork Sensor Datasheet

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