Through-beam Photoelectric Sensor, M12 Thread

  1. M12 diameter, space saving,
  2. The maximum detection distance is 3 meters,
  3. Up to 6 models to choose from, more choices,
  4. PNP, NPN are available, NO and NC are available,
  5. With short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

Through-beam Photoelectric Sensor, M12 Thread Introduction:

  • The G12 sensor here is an M12 threaded through-beam photoelectric sensor. The through-beam sensor is a proximity sensor with a separate light emitter and receiver. The two parts need to be placed opposite each other.
  • This G12 sensor’s maximum detection distance is 3 meters, once the light is blocked by an object between the emitter and receiver, the output will be activated. For example, if the default output is normally open, its output will be closed.
  • This through-beam photoelectric sensor’s advantage is far distance, fast response time and no contact to the object. The disadvantage is it can easily be affected by high brightness and dust, so this sensor needs to be installed in a clean environment.
  • More than 6 models available for this M12 3 meters detection distance sensor, outputs can be PNP, NPN, normally open, normally closed, normally open and normally closed.
  • Applications of this G12 through-beam sensor includes door opening and closing control, distance measurement, security fence, objects counting in the logistic industry, and so on.


Wring diagram

Since this through-beam photoelectric sensor has 6 different models according to PNP, NPN, NO, and NC, please see the wiring diagram below:

Proximity sensor wiring diagram


G12 Through-beam Photoeletric Sensors Datasheet

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