U Shaped Photoelectric Sensor G63

  1. U-shaped design saves space,
  2. The maximum thickness detection range is 30mm,
  3. With short circuit and reverse polarity protection function,
  4. Wide operating voltage range DC6-36V or AC110-220V,
  5. Excellent quality, 2-year warranty.

U Shaped Photoelectric Sensor Introduction:

  • The U shaped photoelectric sensor G63 is a through-beam photoelectric sensor. The light emitter and receiver are located at the top of the U shaped port and form a light barrier. Once an object blocks the light barrier, the sensor will start outputting.
  • The output of this sensor can be normally open, normally closed, etc. For a normally open output sensor, the output circuit will conduct if there is an object within its detection range. We can use this principle to control motor starting, pneumatic valve opening, etc.
  • This G63 slot photoelectric sensor has a detection distance of 30 mm, so it is suitable for object detection whose thickness is less than this 30 mm gap.
  • We can use this U shaped photoelectric sensor in many applications, such as speed measurement of rotating objects, paper thickness monitoring in the printing industry, cutting length control of cutting machines, deviation control, etc.
  • Compared with the cylindrical through-beam photoelectric sensor such as the M12 Thread Sensor, its advantage is space-saving, but its disadvantage is shorter detection distance.



U Shaped Photoelectric Sensor Datasheet

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