LMF41 Inductive Non Contact Proximity Sensor

1.Models include LMF41-30120NA, LMF41-30120NB etc.,

2.Also called TCC-30120A, TCC-30120B, TCC-30120AB etc.,

3.Detecting metallic objects without touching,

4.Fast speed and long product life.

LMF41 Inductive Non Contact Proximity Sensor Introduction:

    • LMF41 series proximity sensors detect objects without contact, therefore, they prevent abrasion or damage for detected objects. Unlike limit switches, which need to detect objects by touching objects.
    • The LMF41 non contact proximity sensor maximum detecting distance is up to 120mm, and will not affected by objects colors, they use eddy current to detect the physical changes of an object, so they are almost completely unaffected by the object’s surface color.
    • In addition, the LMF41 series sensors can detect objects with minimal impact from dirt, oil, or water, and  their fluororesin cases are offered to enhance chemical resistance.
    • Thanks to their high quality ABS resin housing, their protection grade reaches to as high as IP65.
    • Want to know more information, please have a look at this article about proximity sensors.


Wiring Diagram

The proximtiy sensor wiring diagrams can be divided into 3 kinds according to output difference, 2 wire wiring digram(sensor, load and power supply are connected in series), 3 wire proximtiy sensor wiring diagram(NPN or PNP, output is NO or NC) and 4 wire wiring diagram(NPN type or PNP type, output NO+NC), please see the below wiring diagrams:

Proximity sensor wiring diagram


LMF41-LMF50 inductive proximity sensor datasheet

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