Flat Inductive Proximity Sensor, LMF42

  1. Flat shape inductive proximity sensor, much space-saving.
  2. Wide working voltage, 6-36VDC or 90-250VAC available.
  3. Factory direct sale, competitive price.
  4. 2 meters copper wire cable.

Flat Inductive Proximity Sensor LMF42 Introduction:

  • The Lorentzzi LM42 sensor is a flat inductive proximity sensor. It features a flat enclosure. Compared with the most popular cylindrical proximity sensors, this planar sensor has the advantages of easy installation, is ideal for measuring metal objects from high to low, and saves space.
  • The cylindrical sensor housing is a bolt-shaped cylinder that we need to fix on a bracket or in a hole. The sensor only requires 4 screws to attach to a flat surface.
  • This sensor thickness or height is only 37mm, while the shortest cylinder sensor length is about 50mm.In short, the flat sensor can save more space.
  • This LM42 sensor maximum sensing distance is 25mm, appropriate for detecting nonferrous metals, such as copper, iron, steel and aluminum, without contact.
  • Additionally, there are PNP, NPN outputs available for this flat inductive proximity sensor, working voltage can be DC 3 wire or AC 2 wire.
  • This flat sensor output voltage can be 6VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC or AC110V, AC220VAC, output current is only a few mA, it is not good to operate a heavy load directly. However, there is a solution that you can use with our DC/AC or AC/AC solid state relay to operate a heavy load indirectly.



LMF41-LMF50 inductive proximity sensor datasheet

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