Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensor LMF35

1.LMF35 sensors include LMF35-3015NA, LMF35-3015NB etc.,

2.0.05 high precision of repeated location,

3.Short-circuit and inverted connecting protection,

4.Dust proof, vibration proof, water proof and oil proof.

LMF35 Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • LM35 series sensors are long range inductive proximity sensors with a extreme sensing distance up to 15mm.
  • They are used to detect non-ferrous metal targets like aluminum, brass, and copper without physical contact, so if the objects is within their 15mm detection distance, the sensor will activate from NO to NC or NC to NO.
  • Our advanced long range inductive proximity sensor serve multiple functions such as detecting elevator and lifting equipment stop, start and pass positions, positioning vehicles to prevent collisions, and detecting the set position of machinery and equipment, including the limit position of moving components, stop position of valves etc.
  • Besides, these high-precision sensors are versatile and can be tailored to meet the demands of different industrial environments, significantly improving productivity and safety while minimizing potential damage and repairs.
  • Moreover, their full body is made by ABS resin, it has several advantages such as low cost, sturdy, lightweight, and ductile.
  • These LMF35 series sensors outputs are abundant, such as PNP, NPN, AC two wires, controllable silicon, relay output etc., you can see the below their specifications table.


Wiring Diagram

The proximtiy sensor wiring diagrams can be divided into 3 kinds according to output difference, 2 wire wiring digram(sensor, load and power supply are connected in series), 3 wire proximtiy sensor wiring diagram(NPN or PNP, output is NO or NC) and 4 wire wiring diagram(NPN type or PNP type, output NO+NC), please see the below wiring diagrams:

Proximity sensor wiring diagram


LMF17-LMF35 inductive proximity sensors datasheet

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