NBB15-U1-A2 Square Proximity Sensor

  1. Output can be not only PNP, NO+NC, can also be NPN, NO+NC,
  2. It is an alternative sensor for P+F NBB15-U1-A2,
  3. Operating Voltage: 12-24VDC or  AC110-220V, wide voltage ranges,
  4. IP67 rating, waterproof and oil-proof.

NBB15-U1-A2 Square Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • The NBB15-U1-A2 Square Proximity Sensor made by Lorentzzi is an inductive proximity switch designed for detecting the metals without touching them.
  • Its product dimension and appearance is nearly the same as Pepperl Fuchs Inductive sensor NBB15-U1-A2, but price is more competitive and quality is same as the original one.
  • Lorentzzi’s flush NBB15-U1-A2 detection distance is as far as 15mm, if it is non-flush one, the maximum detection distance reaches to 20mm. That means once the metal product is within the 15mm or 20mm range, the output will activate.
  • Except for this sensor PNP, NO+NC output, we can also produce it with NPN, NO+NC, and so on.
  • Its connector is a M12 connector, waterproof and oil-proof. Besides, its full body is IP67 protection grade.
  • Installation method is screw fixed type, we can use 4*M5 screws to install it on a junction box plate or other places in an industrial control systems.


Wiring Diagram

The proximtiy sensor wiring diagrams can be divided into 3 kinds according to output difference, 2 wire wiring digram(sensor, load and power supply are connected in series), 3 wire proximtiy sensor wiring diagram(NPN or PNP, output is NO or NC) and 4 wire wiring diagram(NPN type or PNP type, output NO+NC), please see the below wiring diagrams:

Proximity sensor wiring diagram


LMF36-LFM40 inductive proximity sensors datasheet

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