Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensor LM48

  1. Long range inductive proximity sensor.
  2. Maximum Sn: 20mm.
  3. Wide working voltage, 12-24VDC or AC110-220V available.
  4. Waterproof grade: IP67 for both indoor and outdoor usage.

LM48 Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensor

  • Lorentzzi LM48 model sensor is a long range inductive sensor, whose maximum detection distance is 20mm. Generally, a common inductive proximity sensor maximum sensing range is 4-10mm. This 20 mm sensing distance is far beyond many inductive sensors.
  • The inductive proximity sensor is designed to detect ferrous materials from far away. The materials can be copper, aluminum, steel, iron, and so on. Once they are within its sensing distance the sensor output circuit will activate.
  • There are many models for this long range inductive proximity sensor according to output differences, such as LM48-3020NA (NPN NO output), LM48-3020 PA (PNP NO output), LM48-3020 NB (NPN NC output), and LM48-3020PB (PNP NC output). You can see more models in the following table.. 
  • Its output voltage depends on its power supply voltage, and can be 6-36VDC or 90-250VAC. But it can only operate a very small load, if you want to use this sensor to run a heavy load, an SSR or contactor should be considered. The both two electric products can enlarge its load capacity.
  • In addition, it features short circuit and reverse polarity functions, which can make you use it with safety.



LM36-LM55 inductive proximity sensor datasheet

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