Mechanical Hour Meter, 6 Digits, Designed For Diesel Generator

  1. Round shape, Ø59 diameter,
  2. Mechanical type, more reliable,
  3. Maximum time range 99999.9 hours,
  4. Suitable for various equipments,
  5. 10-80VDC or 110-220VAC available.

Mechanical Hour Meter Description:

  • The mechanical hour meter is a time recording device that uses a movable mechanical wheel to indicate running time.
  • It belongs to quartz hour meter, record time by detecting the frequency of quartz vibrations, so its error range is very small and features high accuracy, around ±1 to ±25 seconds per year (source:
  • There are 6 digits of this timer, maximum recording time reaches to 99999.9 hours. 
  • The working voltage is 12VDC, 24VDC, 36VDC,  110VAC 50/60Hz or 220VAC 50/60Hz optional.
  • Two colors are available, one is full black, the other is silver plus black as shown in the above photos.
  • Another advantage of this mechanical hour meter is it can bear strong vibration, and the wheel will not move affected by vibration.
  • Product dimension is Ø59*52 mm, there is a bracket for easy installation, just fasten it between the panel and bracket.

Mechanical hour meter product dimension

  • The timer does not have a reset function so one can track the total run time without being able to fake it. Also, we can supply digital hour meter with reset function, click this link to view more details.
  • Applications of this mechanical hour meter include recording the running time of the engine, diesel generator or other equipment so that people can maintain the equipment in time.



Mechanical Hour Meter Datasheet

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