SUL 181 D Analog Timer Switch

  1. Model: SUL181D analog timer,
  2. DIN rail installation,
  3. Backup time up to 160 hours after power failure,
  4. Maximum contact current 16 amps,
  5. 2 years warranty.

SUL 181 D Analog Timer Switch Introduction:

  • The SUL 181 D is an analog mechanical timer switch with a maximum contact current of 16 amps.
  • The minimum setting time is 15 minutes, and a maximum of 96*15 minutes can be selected in a day. Therefore, it is also a daily programmable timer.
  • The installation method is DIN rail type, which is convenient for installation on standard 35mm din rail.
  • What loads can it run? It operates up to 2000W@220VAC for resistive loads (such as lights) and 500W@220VAC for motor loads.
  • The SUL 181 D timer timing mode has three levels of adjustment: permanent on, permanent off and automatic switching.
  • This analog timer switch can freely control the power switch of electrical appliances according to different time periods set by different needs.
  • It is widely used in electrical equipment such as street lights, neon lights, advertising lights, etc. that need to control the power supply on and off on time.
  • This analog timer is supplied by Lorentzzi, a Chinese timer switch manufacturer, with competitive price and very good quality.
  • Beside this analog timer, we also have other types analog timers, such as SUL181H and SUL180, TB388, etc.


Name Mechanical timer
Model SUL 181 D
Maximum setting time 24 hours
Working voltage 110-230VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Battery backup time 150 hours after fully charged
Minimum setting time 15 minutes
Setting times 96 times*15 minutes per day
Product weight 135g
Power consumption Less than 1 watt
IP grade IP 20
Product dimension 54*90*66 mm


SUL 181 d Analog Timer Switch User Manual

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