Pid Temperature Controller Kit

1.This pid temperature controller kit includes temperature controller, SSR, thermocouple and heat sink,

2.A solution for heater temperature control,

3.One stop purchasing, save time and money,

4.Long durable time, warranty 2 years.

Pid Temperature Controller Kit Introduction

  • The pid temperature controller kit includes a REX-C100 48*48mm pid temperature controller, a SSR-40DA solid state relay, a K-type thermocouple and a I-50 radiator.
  • The maximum output current of the solid state relay in this pid temperature controller kit is 40A. Therefore, we can use this kit to control heaters with a maximum power of 4000W. If you need to drive a higher power load, we can consider replacing SSR-40DA with SSR-80DA or SSR-100DA.
  • The type of thermocouple is K-type thermocouple, and the temperature detection range is 0-400 degrees Celsius. The standard wire length of the thermocouple is 1 meter, and different wire lengths can also be customized according to requirements. The installation method is screw installation, and the screw head is M6.
  • The function of the heat sink in this kit is to help the solid state relay to dissipate heat better and avoid damage to the solid state relay due to excessive temperature.
  • The kit integrates all the components to control the temperature, which saves our purchasing time.

Specifications Of Every Part:

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