REX C410 Temperature Controller

  1. 96*48mm panel size,
  2. Multiple inputs, thermocouple&RTD,
  3. Control method PID or simple ON/OFF,
  4. Simple removable shell, easy maintenance and installation,
  5. 2 years long warranty time.

REX C410 Temperature Controller Introduction:

  • REX-C410 is a 96*48mm panel size PID temperature controller designed to provide precise temperature control for various industrial processes, especially for controlling heating elements.
  • Its input is universal and can be K, J, S thermocouples, PT100 RTD, or analog 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, etc.
  • Installation is very easy, and we also provide a thermostat bracket for free, with which you can easily fix it on the cabinet.
  • Its output can be a relay, solid state relay (SSR for short) or analog 4-20mA, 0-5VDC
  • This REX C410 temperature controller has a wide power supply range from 100-240VAC and is also available in 24VDC.
  • This low-cost PID temperature controller wiring diagram is very simple and has an auto-tuning feature, so you don’t need to set every PID parameter yourself.



REX C410 Temperature Controller User Manual

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