M8 Capacitive Sensor

  1. M8 diameter cylindrical capacitive sensor,
  2. IP67 protection grade,
  3. Working voltage 10-30VDC,
  4. Reverse polarity and short circuit protection,
  5. 2 years extra long warranty.

M8 Capacitive Sensor Introduction:

  • The Lorentzzi M8 capacitive sensor is a 8.0mm pipe diameter cylindrical proximity sensor, which is designed to detect both metallic and non-metallic materials.
  • There are two types of M8 capacitive sensors available, one is a shielded type with a detection distance of 1.0mm, and the other is an unshielded type with a detection distance of 2.0mm.
  • This capacitive sensor has overload, short circuit and reverse polarity capabilities and operates over a wide voltage range of 10-30VDC.
  • PNP and NPN are available. PNP models include CM8-3001P_ (1.0mm detection distance) or CM8-3002P_ (2.0mm detection distance). NPN sensor model CM8-3001N_(1.0mm sensing distance) or CM8-3002N_ (2.0mm sensing distance)..
  • Wide temperature range, -25℃-75℃.
  • Additionally, the IP67 rating enables it to withstand moisture and heavy oil contamination. One thing to note about the M8 capacitive sensor is that since it can sense any kind of substance, its working environment must be very clean.
  • Typical applications include liquid level measurement, object counting on conveyors (if used with our ZN48 preset counter), position or displacement detection, liquid filling, remaining material detection in silos, etc.


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