Preset Counter ZN48

  1. Suitable for counting up or down,
  2. 4-digit large digital tube display,
  3. Maximum contact output 5A,
  4. Fast speed, reliable quality,
  5. Multiple uses.

Preset Counter ZN48 Introduction:

  • The ZN48 product is a digital preset counter with a large and clear 4-digit digital tube screen. A preset counter is a counter whose contacts will be activated to turn on an alarm or other load when a set value is reached. It can be used for counting up or down.
  • The panel size of this digital preset counter is 48*48mm, and the maximum load capacity is 5A at 220VAC operating voltage. If the operating voltage is 24VDC, the contacts are 7A. It’s large enough to accommodate some alarm lights or a small motor.
  • Please note that if you want this preset counter to count the number of items, you need to use an NPN sensor. If you only count metal products, use NPN inductive sensors. NPN photoelectric sensors are suitable for a variety of materials.
  • The Lorenzzi ZN48 preset counter is not only used for counting, but also for recording frequency, running time, speed, etc.
  • It has 32 working modes, each working mode is shown in the table below:



Preset Counter ZN48 User Manual

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