Analog Capacitive Sensor

  1. 4-20mA or 0-5VDC linear output,
  2. High-strength ABS resin shell,
  3. IP67 protection grade,
  4. PNP, NPN and more outputs available,
  5. Long durability with short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

Analog Capacitive Sensor Introduction:

  • This analog capacitive sensor outputs linear current (e.g. 4-20mA) or linear voltage (e.g. 0-5VDC).
  • Compared with ordinary switched capacitive sensors, the advantage of this analog capacitive sensor is that its output is continuous. The closer the target is to the sensor, the smaller its output current or voltage.
  • Another advantage is that it is suitable for long-distance transmission. For example, the 4-20mA sensor output current will not be lost as the distance increases.
  • Lorentzzi’s analog sensor has an M35 thread. It is a cylindrical proximity sensor with a detection distance of up to 25mm.
  • In addition to M35 analog capacitance sensors, we can also produce other analog sensors, such as M8, M12 or M30 threaded analog sensors, etc.
  • The whole body is made of high-strength ABS resin  material, which has good sealing performance and the protection level can reach IP67.
  • The output can be PNP, NPN, NO, NC, NO+NC, multiple outputs are available.
  • Applications of this analog capacitive sensor include valve opening control, object thickness detection, liquid level control, etc.


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