M30 Capacitive Sensor

  1. M30 thread size capacitive sensor,
  2. The maximum detection distance is 15mm,
  3. Suitable for detecting liquids, glass, metal, wood, etc.
  4. PNP or NPN, NO or NC outputs available,
  5. 24 months warranty.

M30 Capacitive Sensor Introduction:

  • The Lorentzzi M30 capacitive sensor uses the change in capacitance between the object and a proximity switch to detect objects. The working principle of the capacitive sensor is that when the sensing object approaches the capacitive proximity switch, the object will affect the electric field distribution switch inside the proximity switch, thereby causing a change in capacitance. After the proximity switch detects the change in capacitance, it will output a switching signal to turn on or off the load we want to control.
  • This M30 capacitive sensor has a thread diameter of 30mm and two detection distances to choose from. If it is flush, the detection distance is 10.0mm. If you need a longer detection distance of 15 mm, choose the non-flush version. More differences between the flush and un-flush sensor, please read this article.
  • The M30 proximity sensor housing is made of nickel-plated brass and has good corrosion resistance. Its internal space is filled with epoxy resin, and its protection level reaches IP67.
  • The working voltage of the M30 proximity sensor can be 6-36VDC or 90-265VAC. The DC voltage is suitable for PNP and NPN 3-wire sensors. AC voltage is for AC 2-wire sensors.
  • Applications for this capacitive sensor include robotic arms, production line product counting, conveyor belt material detection, liquid level detection, and more.


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