SSR 25DA Solid State Switch

1.Model: SSR-25DA,

2.DC control AC solid state relay,

3.Maximum load current 25A,

4.2 years long warranty time.

SSR 25DA Solid State Switch Introduction:

  • The SSR 25DA is a single phase DC to AC solid state switch. It operates with a control signal of 3-32VDC and a load voltage of 24-480VAC.
  • If we apply a DC voltage, such as a 12V DC,  to this SSR control part, the solid state relay’s output part will close immediately. It is a Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) switch. It features a very rapid switching speed, requiring only 1ms.
  • When paired with a PID temperature controller – assuming it has an SSR output – this solid-state relay can effectively manage heating devices like heating elements, heater tubes, ovens, and so on.
  • The solid-state relay is capable of producing a maximum output of 25 amps, so when working with a resistive load, it can power a 2750W heater without issue.
  • The back plate of this SSR is galvanized copper material, ensuring excellent heat dissipation performance.
  • The inclusion of an internal optocoupler from Fairchild is a critical part of the SSR’s design. While it does increase manufacturing costs, it also significantly enhances the reliability during use.
  • Additionally, we can use this SSR 25DA for stage lighting controls,  motor starting and stopping, and air conditioning systems.


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