1024 PPR Encoder, Incremental, External Diameter 50mm

  1. External diameter 50mm, shaft diameter 8mm,
  2. 1024 pulses per revolution, can calculate displacement precisely,
  3. Output ABZ or AA-BB-ZZ- available,
  4. Perfect to use with your equipments.

1024 PPR Incremental Rotary Encoder Introduction:

  • This 1024 ppr encoder is an incremental type solid shaft encoder, it also names optical encoder. It will generate 1024 pulses per revolution, so here the PPR stands for Pulses Per Revolution.
  • Its output can be 3 phase ABZ or 6 phases A, A-, B, B- , Z, Z-. 3 phase is suitable for short distance signal transmission, 6 phases is suitable for longer distance transmission. As the 6 phase encoder will generate a group of reverse signals, it uses differential signals to measure displacement, acceleration or speed. Therefore, 6 phases has stronger anti-interference ability.
  • This 1024 ppr encoder’s external diameter is 50mm, shaft diameter is 8mm, it can perfectly replace Autonics E50S series incremental encoder.
  • Its output can be complementary, open collector(NPN or PNP), voltage output; these 3 types of outputs belong to ABZ 3 phase outputs. The other is 6 phase outputs such as line driver(also named TTL or RS422), push-pull(HTL). As mentioned above, 3 phase encoder signal transmission distance is shorter than 6 phase outputs. Generally, line driver transmission is max 150 meters, push-pull is 300 meters. Their output waveform is as following:

Encoder output waveform

  • The shaft default length is 15mm, and default cable length is 2 meters or other length you want. Cable outgoing type can be rear entry or side entry.
  • This 1024 ppr encoder can be used together with our photoelectric sensor to calculate the object’s displacement on a conveyor belt.


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