5000 PPR Encoder, Incremental, External Diameter 38mm

  1. External diameter 38mm, shaft diameter 5, 6 and 8mm available,
  2. 5000 pulses per revolution, can calculate displacement precisely,
  3. Output is AA-BB-ZZ-, long signal transmission distance,
  4. Perfect to use in a CNC or milling machine.

5000 PPR Encoder, Incremental, External Diameter 38mm Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi brand 5000 ppr encoder is a 5000 pulse per revolution solid shaft optical incremental rotary encoder, it can generate 5000 pulses when rotating a circular. It is a high accuracy and high resolution encoder.
  • This encoder uses the most advanced technology to produce, it has 6 phase output. Compared with the 3 phase ABZ encoder, it has A-, B- and Z- three reversed signals, making it a long signal transmission distance without interference.
  • Its external diameter is 38mm, shaft diameter can be 5mm, 6mm or 8mm, you can choose the shaft size based on your application and requirement,
  • By using this 5000 ppr encoder, we can easily calculate the motor moving displacement or speed etc..
  • Various outputs are available, such as push-pull, line driver.
  • IP50 protection grade, making it suitable to use under dust and harmful deposits environment.
  • Its output waveform will be like the below right part indicated

Encoder output waveform

  • This 5000 ppr encoder can be used together with our photoelectric sensor to calculate the object’s displacement on a conveyor belt. Besides, we can also use this inremental rotary encoder in CNC machine or milling machine.


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