100 PPR Encoder, Incremental Solid Shaft Line Driver Encoder

  1. ,Output 100 ppr, flange type encoder,
  2. External diameter can be 68mm, 70mm, 78mm,
  3. Solid shaft incremental rotary encoder,
  4. Protection grade: IP65, waterproof rotary encoder.

100 PPR Encoder, Incremental Solid Shaft Line Driver Encoder Introduction:

  • This is our 100 ppr encoder with line driver output, it has AA-BB- and ZZ- 6 phases. When this encoder used with a servo motor rotates one circle, it will generate 100 pulses.
  • The output is a line driver, it is also called differential long-line drive. It has many advantages compared with AB two phase quadrature encoder, the advanges are Noise Immunity, Longer Transmission Distance and Reliability. For more information about line driver encoders, please have a look at this article-“What Is A Line Driver Encoder?“.
  • The default cable length is 2 meters, if you want longer cable, it is also available, please send email to us for the cable length customization matter.
  • Besides, its cable outlet can be rear entry or side entry. And the connector can be an aviation plug or cable one. Aviation one is more reliable than cable one.
  • This 100 ppr encoder has a flange, making it easy to install and disassemble, high strength and good sealing performance.
  • Its output waveform is in the right as following:

Encoder output waveform


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