600 PPR Encoder, Hollow Shaft Large Diameter Encoder

  1. External diameter is 100mm, bore diameter can be maximum 45mm,
  2. 600 pulses per revolution, can calculate displacement precisely,
  3. Output is 3-phase, or 6-phase, price is cheaper,
  4. Perfect to use in an elevator, steel milling machine, Aerospace & Defense etc..

600 PPR Encoder, Incremental Hollow Shaft Large Diameter Encoder Introduction:

    • Lorentzzi 600 ppr encoder is a cheap incremental quadrature rotary encoder, its output is ABZ 3-phase or AA-BB-ZZ- 6 phases. The 600 ppr here means that when it rotates one circle, it will generate 600 pulses, the more pulses it is, the higher accuracy it will be.
    • This incremental encoder’s external diameter is up to 90mm, bore diameter is from 35mm to 45mm, it is a large diameter encoder. Additionally, the resolution can be up to 2500 ppr.
    • Its outputs are complementary, open collector, push pull, voltage output available.
    • This 600 ppr incremental encoder default cable length is 2 meters, also, the length can be customized based on your requirements. We can cut its length to 3 meters, 5 meters etc..
    • Compared with the solid shaft encoder, its installation is much easier, because we can directly insert the motor shaft inside its bore.
    • There are two working voltages available for this 600 ppr encoder, they are 5VDC and 8-30VDC.
    • We can utilize this encoder with a motor in an elevator, CNC machine, Factory Automation, Medical Imaging equipment and so on.
    • Its output waveform is as follows, can be complementary, push-pull, line driver etc..

Encoder output waveform


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