1000 PPR Encoder, ABZ Incremental Optical Rotary Encoder

  1. External diameter can be 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 58mm, 70mm etc.,
  2. 1000 pulses per revolution, can calculate displacement precisely,
  3. Output is ABZ, price is much cheaper,
  4. Perfect to use in an elevator, CNC or milling machine.

1000 PPR Encoder, Incremental ABZ Incremental Optical Rotary Encoder Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi brand 1000 ppr encoder is a 1000 pulse per revolution solid shaft optical incremental rotary encoder, it can generate 1000 pulses when rotating a circular. It is a high accuracy and high resolution encoder.
  • This encoder uses the most advanced technology to produce, it has ABZ 3 phase output. Compared with the 6 phase AA-BB-ZZ- encoder, it is much cheaper. Its output can be complementary, open collector or voltage output.
  • Its external diameter can be 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 40mm, 50mm, 58mm, 68mm, 70mm, 78mm, and the shaft diameter is from 4mm to 10mm. Furthermore, we can provide ODM services, so we can produce it according to your requirements.
  • By using our 1000 ppr encoder, you can easily calculate the motor moving displacement or speed etc..
  • Various outputs are available, such as push-pull, line driver.
  • IP65 protection grade, making it suitable to use under dust and harmful deposits.
  • Its output waveform will be like the below left part indicated

Encoder output waveform

  • This 1000 ppr encoder can be used together with our photoelectric sensor to calculate the object’s displacement on a conveyor belt. Besides, we can also use this inremental rotary encoder in CNC machine or milling machine.


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