Micro Encoder, 400 PPR Incremental Rotary Encoder

  1. Ultra small rotary encoder, external diameter is only 25mm,
  2. Weight is very light, only 60 grams,
  3. Installation is very easy, a encoder coupling is included,
  4. Outputs can be ABZ or ABZ with reversal signals.

Micro Encoder, 400 PPR Incremental Rotary Encoder Introduction:

  • This 400 ppr encoder is our very compact solid shaft type encoder, its external diameter is only φ25mm, shaft diameter is φ4mm. “400 ppr” means when this position sensor rotates one circle, it will generate 400 pulses.
  • These small incremental rotary encoder outputs can be 3 phase ABZ or 6 phase AA-BB-ZZ-. 3 phase type transport distance is short, suitable for short distance signal transmission. While, 6 phases encoder transportation distance is up to 300 meters. 
  • When using this solid shaft encoder to measure a servo motor displacement, a rotary encoder coupling is required. 
  • Its default cable length is 2 meters, and a long cable is also available.
  • There are two working voltages available for this 400 ppr encoder, they are 5VDC and 8-30VDC.
  • We can utilize this encoder with a motor in an elevator, CNC machine, Factory Automation, Medical Imaging equipment and so on.
  • Its output waveform is as follows, can be complementary, push-pull, line driver etc.. Please check its output waveforms below:

Encoder output waveform


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