Blind Hollow Shaft Encoder, Incremental Optical Rotary Encoder

  1. Blind model hollow shaft incremental rotary encoder.
  2. External diameter can be 38mm, 50mm or 58mm.
  3. Resolution range 30-6000 ppr available.
  4. 3 phase output and 6 phase output available.

Blind Hollow Shaft Encoder, Incremental Optical Rotary Encoder Introduction:

  • If you want to know the motion status of a motor in real time, such as rotation speed and direction of rotation, an incremental encoder is a must-use sensor. The encoder shown in the picture is our blind hole incremental encoder. Blind hole encoder is also called a semi-through hole encoder. When installing this encoder, the bearings of the motor will not pass through it.
  • The installation method of the blind hole encoder is similar to that of the fully hollow shaft encoder, and it also has the advantages of high concentricity and space saving. The semi-hollow shaft design has a higher level of protection than a fully hollow shaft encoder.
  • Lorentzzi blind hollow shaft encoder external diameter can be 38mm, 50mm, 58mm, bore diameter can be 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 15mm.

38mm blind hollow shaft encoder drawing 58mm blind hollow shaft encoder drawing

  • Working voltage can be 5VDC or 8-30VDC.
  • Output phase can be 3 phases or 6 phases, 3 phase outputs include complementary, open collector, voltage output, 6 phase outputs can be push-pull with inverted signal and line driver.
  • Its waveforms are like following picture indicated:

Encoder output waveform


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