Digital Oven Temperature Controller E5C2

1.ON/OFF temperature control method,

2.Temperature control range: 0 to 400℃,

3. Temperature adjusted by knob, easy to operate,

4.Widely used in all kinds of high and low voltage switchgear etc..

Digital Oven Temperature Controller E5C2 Introduction:

  • The E5C2 is a knob manual control type digital oven temperature controller, its panel size is 48*48mm.
  • Its control method is very simple, it is on/off control method, compared with high cost&high precision pid temperature controller, it is a low cost product.
  • Its control temperature range can be 0-200℃, 0-400℃ or 0-600℃, when this controller is in working status, the LED indicator will light on, so we can clearly see its working status.
  • The input is K thermocouple only, output is relay, so it can only control the closing or breaking of a intermidiate relay or AC contator, then indirectly control a heater.
  • It is widely used in oven, furnace,  and so on.
  • It features a wide working voltage, the working voltage can be 110VAC or 220VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, so any customer from any country can use it without problem.



E5C2 user manual

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