Analog Inductive Proximity Sensor, M12, M18, M30

  1. M12, M18, M30 thread sizes available,
  2. 4-20mA, 0-10VDC analog output available,
  3. Short circuit and reversing polarity protection,
  4. High on-off frequency, IP67 protection rating.

Analog Output Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • The analog inductive proximity sensor here is our housing diameter 14mm, 18mm or 30mm sensor. Their outputs are not like the NPN or PNP digital output sensor, their outputs are 0-10VDC or 4-20mA analog output.
  • As the detected object and the sensor get closer, its output current or voltage will become smaller and smaller. Let us take M12 analog output sensor for an example, please see its output vs detection distance curve below:

Analog output inductive proximity sensor output curve

  • It is because of this characteristic of the output, we can use this analog proximity sensor to control the motor speed. The closer the object is to the sensor, the smaller the output voltage or current, and the smaller the motor speed will be. This is much better compared with the digital output sensor, as this type sensor can avoid the inertia of objects.
  • This type of sensor working voltage is wide, the working voltage can be 15-30VDC. Thus, we can use a DC24V switching power supply or even a battery to power it.
  • For the shielded one, the M12 sensing distance is 0-2.0mm, M18 0-5.0mm, M30 0-10.0mm, unshielded one M12 0-4mm, M18 0-8.0mm, M30  0-15.0mm.
  • The analog inductive proximity sensor has  excellent anti-interference performance, and has a variety of sizes for various applications.
  • Built-in surge protection, over-current protection and reverse polarity protection circuit.



LM6-LM14 proximity sensor datasheet

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