Safety Light Curtain Manufacturers: 10 Best Vendors In China

The safety light curtains play a very vital role in various kinds of equipment, such as Hydraulic Press Equipment, robotic arms, elevator, and so on,  to protect a personnel from injury. A safety light curtain sensor consists of two parts, one is infrared light emitter, the other is infrared light receiver, there are many beams sent from the emitter to the receiver consisting of an invisible light fence. In today’s blog, we will introduce 10 best safety light curtain manufacturers in China so that you can clearly choose which one to become your loyal business partner.

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10 Safety Light Curtain Manufacturers

1. Lorentzzi-Your Best Safety Light Curtain Manufacturer In China

Safety light curtain manufacturer-Lorentzzi

Many years of experience in the field of safety light curtain manufacturing have made Lorentzzi a very professional manufacturer, producing and supplying various types of safety light curtains with excellent quality and competitive prices.

They are famous for their fast customer response time, professional suggestions & solutions, and excellent after-sales service, and they believe that only quality products and reasonable profit can make business partnerships longer and longer.

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2.Huizhou SLC technology Co., Ltd

Safety light curtain manufacturer-SLC

Huizhou SLC(Chinese name: 施莱格) Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in the year of 2006 in Guangzhou province in China, they have a wide range of products including safety light curtains, laser scanner, security alarm lights, RFID Safety Door Switches etc. Besides, they can provide OEM and ODM service, which means that they can produce the safety light curtains or other products with your brand name or produce according to your design, their factory Plant Area is 10000 square meters.

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3.Tianjin G-TEK Sensor Technology Co., Ltd

Safety light curtain manufacturer-GTEK

Tianjin G-TEK(Chinese name: 杰泰高科) Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2014, their factory is located in Tianjin city, which is very close to our capital Beijing. If you take a fast train from Beijing to Tianjin, it only takes half an hour. Their product ranges include photoelectric sensors with square and cylindrical shapes, laser distance sensor, safety light curtains, laser radars, proximity switches and so on.

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4.Jining KeLi Photoelectronic Industrial Co.,Ltd

Safety light curtain manufacturer-Keli

Jining Keli(Chinese name: 科力) Photoelectric Industrial Co.,Ltd is China’s leading safety light curtain manufacturer and has obtained many certificates such as ISO9001, CE, TUV, EMC, and RoHS. Their main product is safety light curtains, in addition, they can also provide lidar, safety light curtain accessories, etc. Their factory is located in Jining City, Shandong Province. Founded in 1997, over 26 years of light curtain manufacturing experience makes them an excellent Chinese supplier worth your consideration.

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5.Intellisense Microelectronics (Xiamen) Ltd

Safety light curtain manufacturer-IMS

Intellisense Microelectronics (Xiamen) Ltd, referred to as “IMS”, focuses on the production of automotive and industrial sensors. Its product categories include proximity sensors, liquid level sensors, pressure sensors, safety light curtains, current sensors, etc. In 2014, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise. And obtained the integrated circuit design company certificate in 2012. These accolades demonstrate their strong development capabilities and innovation capabilities.

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6.Guangzhou Cyndar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Safety light curtain manufacturer-Cyndar

Guangzhou Cyndar Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2020. The registered capital is two million CNY, their products are safety light curtains, photoelectric switches, proximity switch sensors, safety carpet sensor, safety edge sensor, lidar sensor, safety door lock and so on. Their safety light curtains are mainly used in stamping machinery, shearing machines, injection molding machines, hydraulic presses, etc. Lidar is used in shipping ports, industrial applications, transportation industry, AGV industry, machinery industry, etc. Safety carpets are used in heavy machine tool processing.

Their products have CE, RoHS, IP67 certificates, they are also a good partner in your future business partner in sensors.

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7.Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD

Safety light curtain manufacturer-KJTDQ

Nanjing KJT(Chinese name:凯基特) Electric Co,.LTD has been producing various sensors for nearly 14 years since 2009. In addition to safety light curtains, their sensor products include micro switches, laser distance sensors, Magnetostrictive linear position sensor sensor, proximity sensor (capacitive, inductive photoelectric sensor), NAMUR proximity sensor, fiber optic sensor, speed sensor, etc. The KJT factory is located in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province.

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8.Shandong Lai'en Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

Safety light curtain manufacturer-Laien

Shandong Lai’en(Chinese name:莱恩) Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd started producing the safety light curtain in 2004 in Jining city, Shandong Province. They can produce 6 series to satisfy different requirements, they are SFC standard economical ones, SFA/B no blind spots ones, MCII mini ones, SND/E series type 4 safety light curtains,  MCM series supports RS485 communication function, MCIII series ultra-thin safety light curtains.

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9.Dongguan Dadi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Safety light curtain manufacturer-Dadi

Dongguan Dadi(Chinese name:大迪) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional safety light curtain manufacturer established in 2003. According to its introduction, it currently has 50 employees and 5 subsidiaries. They not only sell safety light curtains abroad, but also conduct domestic business in China. Their factory is in Dongguan city, Guangdong province. Their business scope includes producing and selling safety light curtains, ultrasonic sensors, color mark sensors, etc.

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10.Shanghai Lanbao Sensing Technology Co., Ltd

Safety light curtain manufacturer-Lanbao

Shanghai Lanbao Sensing Technology Co., Ltd is is a Chinese sensor manufacturer with 25 years of experience. Its products include safety light curtains, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, laser sensors, fiber optic sensors, and ultrasonic sensors. They have product certificates such as CE, RoHS, EAC, UKCA, UL, CCC, etc. If you are from North America and want to sell sensors there, Lanbao is a good business partner because very few safety light curtain manufacturers in China have UL certificates.

Only knowing the safety light curtain manufacturers is not enough, in the following part, we will introduce you to how to choose the safety light curtain.

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How to choose the safety light curtain

1.Determine the protection height

The protection height is the vertical coverage provided by the safety light curtain. To accurately determine the protection height, assess the machinery or equipment that needs safeguarding. Identify potential hazards and establish the vertical range required to prevent access to dangerous zones. Measure from the lowest to the highest point that needs protection. Ensure the safety light curtain you choose offers adequate coverage for the entire height of the hazardous area.

2.Determine the protection distance

Protection distance refers to the horizontal coverage of the safety light curtain. To determine the protection distance, assess the layout of the machinery and the potential areas where a person might enter the hazardous zone. Measure the distance from the point where the safety light curtain is installed to the farthest point where protection is needed. Select a safety light curtain with a protection distance that covers the entire hazardous area effectively.

3.Determine the protection resolution

The resolution of the safety light curtain can be divided into type 2 and type 4. The type 2 safety light curtain sensor is mainly used to protect the hands and body. It has a lower resolution and detects larger objects, while the type 4 safety light curtain has a fast response speed. The time is short, the beam spacing is small, and it is mainly used to protect fingers from injury.


The above are the 10 best safety light curtain manufacturers in China. Each manufacturer can produce high-quality, cost-effective safety light curtains for you. Whether you are a dealer or an individual buyer, choosing one of these as your supplier is a wise choice.

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