Kg316t Microcomputer Timer Switch


2.Heavy load capacity: 30A@220VAC, 35mm DIN rail mounting,

3.Repeat programs 16 ON and 16 OFF settings,

4.Setting time can be cycled by days or week.

Kg316t Microcomputer Timer Switch Introduction:

  • The KG316T microcomputer timer switch is a DIN rail type time switch, we can easily mount it on a standard 35mm din rail.
  • Compared with the mechanical timer switch, such as  SUL181H timer switch, it has a big and clear LCD display. So we can easily operate and check its working status.
  • Its output current is maximum 30 amps, therefore, we can use it to operate equipments like 800W motor, 2000W advertising board or 5000W water heater.
  • As its 30A output current reason, if you want to operate a heavy load which is more than 6600W, please use it with a AC contator to control the load indirectly.
  • It can set maximum 16 groups on and 16 groups off, the time range is from 1 minute to 168 hours.
  • Replaceable battery design makes it more easier to change battery once the battery is empty.
  • Besides, the KG316 T switch housing colour can be white or black, and its housing is made by high quality ABS plastic, ensure it is flame retardant and high strengthness.
  • If no operation within 15 seconds, it will automatically lock up, can effectively avoid misuse.

KG316T timer switch with contactor



KG316T timer user manual

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