H7EC-N 7 Digits No Input Votage Counter&Totalizer

1.Big clear 8 digits LCD display to see the counting number,

2.Easy to install panel mounting structure,

3.Inbuilt button battery, can memorize maximum 3 years data,

4.The input signal can be switch(H7EC-N), DC voltage(H7EC-NV), AC/DC voltage(H7EC-NFV).

H7EC-N Counter Introduction:

  • Our H7EC-N counter is a versatile no voltage input pulse totalizer that has been designed to effectively count push button times and other relevant data. Its functionalities are very similar to other reliable totalizers such as the Omron H7EC-N, making it a dependable and essential tool for a variety of settings.
  • Ideally suited for a wide range of applications, this counter boasts a maximum counting range of 9999999 times. Regardless of the type and amount of data you need to collect, the H7EC-N has the capacity to deliver accurate results, time and time again.
  • To ensure maximum durability and exceptional performance, the counter features a housing that has been specially crafted using grey ABS resin that is anti-flammable. With its remarkable strength, the housing offers long-lasting protection for the internal components of the counter.
  • Moreover, the H7EC-N counter has a compact design with a short body that measures only 48.5mm in total length. This compact size makes the counter extremely adaptable to a wide range of spaces and locations, without compromising performance.
  • To make the process of resetting the counting times as easy and convenient as possible, the H7EC-N is equipped with a soft reset button. This button allows for quick and easy clearing of tally numbers.
  • The H7EC-N is a widely used product in machinery and equipment that require timely and accurate maintenance. It is perfect for monitoring and tracking information in assembly lines, production processes and a range of other settings.



H7EC counter user manual

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