E5C4 Temperature Controller

  1. Temperature range: 0-399℃,
  2. High reliability and easy panel installation,
  3. Input signal : K, output : relay,
  4. Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces,
  5. Widely used in packaging machinery etc.

E5C4 Temperature Controller Introduction:

  • The E5C4 is a simple on off temp controller, it is also called bang bang controller, it only has on/off two status compared with high precision pid temperature controller, so there will be a temperature fluctuation during whole control process.
  • Even though it has a low accuracy, but its advantage is cost-effective.
  • This E5C4 temperature controller panel size is 48*48mm, also called 1/16 DIN, whole body length is 110mm.
  • The output is relay(3A@220VAC), it can be used together with a AC contactor to control a heater.
  • The input is K temperaure sensor and its wiring is very simple, you can wire it according to the user manual.
  • It has a wide 0-399 celcius temperature adjusting range, this range can be changed by pushing the dial switch.
  • To fix it on the cabinet, there is a bracket inside the package, therefore, you only need to do is just pushing this bracket between E5C4 and cabinet tightly.



E5C4 Temperature Controller User Manual

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