SCR Power Controller, Economical Type, For 3 Phase Heater

  1. Economical Thyristor Controlled Three-Phase Voltage Regulator
  2. Current from 200A to 450A,
  3. The cooling fan and radiator are assembled.
  4. Phase output control mode,
  5. The perfect solution for thermal control.

SCR Power Controller Introduction:

  • An SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier) power controller is a semiconductor device that changes the voltage on the load by adjusting the trigger conduction angle of the output thyristor, thereby adjusting the output power and realizing the load voltage from zero to the applied voltage.
  • The SCR Power Regulator manufactured by Lorentzzi is an economical three-phase voltage regulator with phase output.
  • Its control signal can be automatic 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC or manual potentiometer.

SCR power controller control methods description

  • The output is linear output. As the control signal increases or decreases, its output voltage will increase or decrease accordingly.

SCR power controller output waveform

  • These SCR power regulators are available in current ranges from 200A to 450A and are assembled with suitable heat sinks and cooling fans.
  • Solid state relays can also be used in thermal control applications, however this voltage controller is better suited for heavy loads compared to our three phase SSRs. To learn more about the differences between SCRs and SSRs, please see this article –SSR Vs SCR: 4 huge differences between them.
  • SCR power controller applications as following:
  1. Heating equipment: electric furnace, oven, heating equipment, injection molding equipment, textile equipment, drying system
  2. Lighting equipment: stage lighting, hotel lighting, industrial lighting, public lighting
  3. Motor drive and speed regulation: fan motor, water pump motor, torque motor
  4. Other industrial controls: transformers, inductors, electroplating, welding.


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